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Aspire - Kwit Stick

Aspire - Kwit Stick

01/09/2019 15:37:27 Products   0 Comments

Kwit Stick - Manufactured by Aspire

Disclosure: Product was sent to me by Vape29 in Toronto for review purposes.

Kwit Stick, a Los Angeles based e-cigarette company, has launched their line of rechargeable vaporizing pens with four new flavors of salt nicotine pods. Alex Liu, co-founder and Chief Procurement Officer at Kwit Stick, joined the company in order to help cigarette users make the switch to vaporizing.

Amir Shteiwi, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kwit Stick, saw a need for Kwit Stick among consumers. “What we noticed was a huge gap in the market that we decided was a necessity in terms of salt nicotine devices,” said Shteiwi.

“Our focus was to create a truly superior e-cig product - which meant implementing an easy-to-use design, taste-tested flavors, and sustainable refills. All of our extensive research and testing resulted in a cost-effective, high-quality product that our customers have really responded to,” said Liu. 

“This whole thing seemed like a no-brainer to me. A device that helps people transition away from tobacco, that could be filled multiple times and also saves the consumer money!” added Shteiwi. 

“We’re very excited to be launching Kwit Stick and fill the market demand for a simple, tasty, and environmentally-friendly e-cig that no one has created before,” said Liu. “Our customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive already, and we hope to continue expanding to more locations and even developing more flavors in the near future.”

(above excerpts from PRWEB release dated August23, 2018 and reposted with written permission found here:  .)

The Kwit Stick is a "mouth to lung" stick/pod device manufactured by Aspire, but under it's own branding. It is “Juul-like” in looks and function - but when you pull the pod out, you'll notice the pod itself has a silicone tab covering a fill port - this pod was specifically designed to be re-filled. 

Product Features:

  • Draw Activated Firing
  • Proprietary Refillable Pod System
  • 1ml Juice Capacity
  • Gold Plated Connection
  • 230mAh Battery Capacity
  • LED Battery Life Indicator
  • Green 4.2V to 3.5V
  • Red 3.5V to 3.2V
  • Flashing Red Below 3.2V
  • Micro USB Charging Port
  • 0.7A Maximum Charge

Matt black finish covers a hard plastic shell that is fairly scuff resistant. The body does feel quite solid. The 230 mAh battery adds very little weight so this is light, as most pod/sticks are. Pods are friction fit but the pods do fit snuggly with a satisfying “click”. Gold plated connection both on the pins of the body and on the pod itself.

1.0 mL pod is perfect for occasional use. Using the 50mg packaged pods provided, you won't be chain vaping this - so the size should do for "normal" nic salt use. 1.5mm fill hole is covered by an attached silicone plug and is ample size for all but glass dropper bottles - a needle-tip fill bottle included. Wicking material uses what appears to be cotton and it's reported that the pod can be re-filled several times. I managed to get 4 refills with a fairly “clean” flavour – YMMV. Retail pods comes in 50 mg of salt nicotine and come in wild watermelon, sweet tobacco, mountain mint, and mango tango.

Vape operation and quality:
The Kwit Stick is draw activated – there are no buttons to push. The activation is really good and has functioned without issue. Vape is bit warmer than some devices. With the provided pods that use 50mg salts, the throat hit was quite high. Vapor production was low with what looks like a 50/50 ratio and lower airflow. Flavour was quite good, again - a result of the reduced airflow. A restricted lung hit is possible, but probably not what you're going to want to do with 50mg. LED indicates the battery strength and the unit charges with just a standard micro USB. Charge time is only around 20 minutes. I got just under 100 moderate puffs on a single charge.

Great little device. Vape quality is decent. The draw is similar to other stick-type devices offering decent flavour and throat/nic hit. The Kwit Stick was made to be refilled without any hacking required. A refillable pod that doesn't need hacking makes this one of the more cost-friendly options currently on the market offering a major savings over using strictly pre-filled pods. Packaging states that the pods are refillable twice. Depending on the composition of your salt nic, you may be able to squeeze a couple more fills.

Excellent for smokers transitioning off cigarettes - and users that want to vape their own brands of bottled nic salts.

Package Contents:

  • Kwit Stick Device
  • Charging Cable
  • 1x Multi-pod Flavor Pack (4 pods)
  • 20mL Syringe Bottle

***Does not include empty pods**

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